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Afliate News pays you for performing some activities on their website. There are three different ways to earn on Afliate News. They are

  • Sharing Affliate Links
  • Creating a post
  • Referring your friend to join us.

How do I share Affiliate Links

Every post on Afliate News has a unique  user’s Affiliate Link. You just need to copy the link and the text and share it on your social media handles.

Where Do I share My Afliate Link 

  • Nairaland: Nairaland generates more Afliate Views than any other website. Thousand of people will see your affiliate link and some of them will click on it.
  • WhatsApp: WhatsApp is the second on the list. What you need to do is to collect phone numbers of your friends and families and join many WhatsApp groups. Share your links with them and tell them to go and read it.
  • Facebook: There are many people on facebook. What you just need to do is to share your Affiliate Link on your Facebook Timeline and see your earnings increase.
  • Others: You can also share your affiliate link on other social networks like LinkedIn, Quora, Telegram etc.

Why am I not getting clicks?

If your pageview earnings is not increasing after sharing the link, check and see if you copied the correct Afliate Link. Include something like Click The Link To Read More when sharing your links

We wish you happy Earning!