Brief History of Aflinews 

Afliate News is an income website that was established 2020 with the aim of providing a stable source of income to its members. Afliate News shares its monthly revenue with its members. We partner with various Advertising companies like Adsense, Mgidi and propeller ads. These advertising companies pays us every month, then we share the money with our members.

How much Is Registration Fee

On Aflinews, registration is 100 percent free, the money we generate from advertising companies is big enough to pay all our members.

Who Can Be Our Member

Anybody can become our member. As a student, a company worker or an unemployed person, you can join us and get your own share of our monthly revenue.

How Legit Is Aflinews 

Aflinews is 101 percent legitimate. We have seen tons of collapsed income programs, and the truth is that they collapsed because they promise what they cannot afford. That’s why we come up with an idea that pays you for how many views you are able to generate. We actually pay you for working for us. So it’s not possible that our website will collapse like others did.

How Do I Earn On Afliate News

There are three major ways to earn on Afliate News. They are listed below:-

  • By sharing Afliate Links
  • By Commenting
  • By Referring
  • By Blogging For Us

By sharing Afliate Links

This is the method that we generates our revenue from. We pay you for sharing Afliate Links. Every post has a unique user’s Afliate Link below it. You just need to copy the Afliate Link and share it to many social networks you can. When people clicks on your Afliate Link, you will get a commission. We pay per view  Our cost per thousand  views is ₦1,000.

By Blogging For Us 

If you are a blogger or a good content writer, congratulations to you, we will pay you for blogging for us. We pay you ₦100 per post. So it depends on how many posts you are able to write in a month. To get started click on Submit Post, select the category and tag of your post, then write the body and click on submit posts. We will review your post within 24 hours. You will be notified by email if your post is approved. But, what do I do to get my post approved?

  • Do not plagiarize i.e copy and paste. Check your post on duplichecher before clicking the submit button.
  • Make your posts long, it should contain over 120 words.
  • Include pictures on your posts.
  • Your posts should not contain web links.
  • Mind your spelling and grammar, proof read your post before submitting it.

By Referring Your Friends

This is the best way to make money on Aflinews, when you refer someone you be paid ₦50 affiliate commission. Since our registration is free you can refer over 100 people which is ₦5,000 Naira.

When Do I Get Paid

Adsense pays us every 21st day of the month, so we pays our members from the 22nd day of the month till the 25th day of the month. Your payment is guaranteed. Withdrawal form will appear from the 22nd day of the month till the 25th day. your account will be credited immediately after submitting the withdrawal form.

In Summary You Earn

  • ₦1 for each pageview you generated
  • ₦50 for referring your friends to join us
  • ₦100 for each approved blog post you wrote

We wish you Happy Earning, Cheers!